Bible Verses and Gambling Issues

What does the Bible really say about gambling? Is gambling a direct sin according to the Bible? Does the Bible clearly tell us how to gamble and when we can do it? What can the Bible really teach us about gambling and how to live by its teachings?


The issue of gambling is a very difficult one for many Christians. Gambling has been a major problem in many parts of the world. The Egyptians had their own form of gambling, they used the lotteries to regulate their social behavior and legalize the raising of crops and their animals. The Romans legalized gambling and the Christians have kept up this practice to a certain extent today in our own churches. The problem with gambling for many believers is that they do not see where their gambling has gotten them.

Are the Christians who still keep up the old ways of gambling in their churches actually following the teaching of the bible? Do they believe that when they keep on making a lot of money on the lotteries that they are somehow cheating God in favor of their “gambling” spirit? Do they feel guilty for making a profit on something that is not right in the eyes of God? If this is the case, then these Christians are not following the true voice of the true Jesus, which would advocate wealth and happiness. Many Christians have taken to working for the government or running businesses that they have gotten themselves into, and instead of working hard, they find joy and riches in government or business.

The bible does not encourage us to make a lot of money. It encourages us to do things that will bring happiness, and it even says that we should cast lots to the one who has faith and is wise. So, if the bible does not discourage gambling, then why would it encourage the Christian to gamble?

The Bible does encourage one to stay away from gambling, but the only place you will find that it is mentioned specifically in the bible is in the Book of Proverbs. In the book of Proverbs, it states, “Do not rejoice over the death of your enemies, neither remember their ruin. Behold, despise evil; hold out till the coming of thy Lord, and make good the wants of your poor.” Now, the key word here is despised. Refuse to let evil come into your life and you will be blessed.

Why do Christians feel okay placing their money and happiness in the hands of other people when God says in the bible that He will absolutely take care of them no matter what? Christians are allowed to gamble in the forms of the stock market or in playing cards or roulette, however, they are not allowed to place their hopes and dreams in the pockets of others. Many Christians have become so greedy that they have gotten rich quick by investing in the stock market and the real estate market and are living a life of luxury while feeding their children and their families. Christians are getting into the habit of using their God given gifts for the fulfillment of promises rather than working for the needs of their fellow man. Many Christians have mortgaged their homes and their futures to purchase things that they think they need in order to fulfill their dreams.

Christians should never give up hope because the bible says that God has always made provision for those who will hearken unto his voice. If you are a Christian and you are involved with the practice of gambling and you feel like it is taking you down the wrong path, then you need to read the Song of Solomon. It is in the book of Solomon, that it states, “For I was glad when she cometh unto me, saith the Lord, to see thy innocence, and to know that thy life is given for thy righteousness’ sake.” In other words, if you truly want to master over your finances and learn to put them under your control, then you need to get rid of the coveting of money and be totally honest with yourself.

If the Bible is telling you to stop gambling, then I encourage you to do so. However, if you are doing so just to keep your Christian name or because you think it will help you build your character and your future financial success, then I suggest you reconsider because the Bible says that covetousness is an abomination in the sight of the Lord. If you truly want to become a master of your finances, then you need to eliminate the desire of obtaining “stuff” for your self. Please remember all the times you said that you would give something to someone only to get it back later on in your life. Stop using your Bible verses as an excuse when you decide to gamble, for God’s sake, and give Him His money to keep His promises.