Top Five Greatest Gambling Movies

Do you know what the great thing about gambling movies is? The main reason why people love to watch these movies is because they want to escape the real life and gambling situations. Most of the time, the movies portray a fictional world where the gamblers win money and the casino owner loses his life. Many movies have come out that depict this scenario and have become very popular amongst gambling enthusiasts.

gambling movies

One of the most famous of these movies is “Lucky Number Slevin”. In this movie, which came out in 1997, the main character is a professional high-stakes gambler who loves to play in high-stakes gambling games. The character’s name is Le Chiffre and he is played by ex-college football quarterback and actor Jimmy Johnson. Le Chiffre is on a quest to find a mythical number called the “Lucky Number” that can help him win all of the money he is currently worth. The game in this movie is named High Stakes Poker and it involves many high-stakes games of poker that take place in casinos across the country.

Another of the most famous gambling movies is “Dog Day After Tomorrow”. This film was made in 1994 and starred Will Smith. The main character in this movie is Steve Austin, who is a professional gambler living in Las Vegas who becomes addicted to playing poker. After he wins a huge amount of money at a card game, he decides to take some more money from other gamblers at the hotel he lives at, so he can afford to go on trips with his friends. Steve ends up losing all of the money he won, but he is determined not to let the credit go to waste. Eventually, he ends up getting caught in the web of a swindler named Richard Ashford who is on the run from the law and is also after the large sum of money Steve has.

No list of the best gambling movies ever should leave out one of the most famous individuals of our time: Martin Scorsese. While no one can argue that Goodfellas was one of the greatest films of all time, there is no doubt that Scorsese directed this one of the best casino movies ever made. In fact, many people consider Casino to be better than Goodfellas.

This is another of the high-stakes, high-amuse movies about a player who falls into an online gambling addiction. This time, it is Steve Austin, a famous Cincinnati Kid who loses everything in what seems like a breeze. He eventually wins enough money to get back on his feet and clean up his mess, but he is faced with another relapse when another online casino tells him he must partake of a grueling promotional campaign in order to stay in business.

One of the more uncut gems of all time, Casino was directed by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The main character, Steve Austin, takes on not only the online version of the game, but also the high-stakes live version. This film is notable for being one of the few films to feature David Strathairn as the title character. Not only is he hilarious but he steals the show as the clueless, out-of-the-loop gambler who tries his hand at everything.

One of the most memorable stars of all time, Le Chiffre was a casino fixture and an infamous character in the world of gambling. The late Steve McQueen played the main role of Le Chiffre, and he made an enduring impression on generations of fans. The late Michael Caine also provided the role of the elusive and tough-as nails bad guy, who heads an organization that looks into the online gambling industry. While Casino is the star of the movie, Le Chiffre was also a key player. It was Caine who captures the audience’s imagination and makes them understand just how tough and richly rich the game is.

No list of the greatest gambling films would be complete without mention of the Seinfeld episode titled “The Day the World Remembers.” The brilliant, and slightly insane, Jerry Seinfeld plays the role of a professional card shark, and he uses his wits, along with some brilliant improvisation skills, to win over everyone in the poker room (including an ancient, immortal player). The Seinfeld episode is a true example of comedy gold, as it plays out the gamblers’ obsession with winning, the colorful characters involved, and the ridiculous situations that almost always arise. A true ensemble cast, including John Lithgow, George Steiner, and numerous other characters from the Seinfeld series, make this comedy classic. If you want to see some good gambling movies, check out some of the above movies.